Drilling fluid measurement is essential for safe and efficient rig operation. Manually collecting and testing mud samples is slow and time consuming for rig personnel.

The Mud Watcher automatically measures the temperature, density, and viscosity of drilling fluid on the rig and sends the data directly to the rig data acquisition system, mud logging unit, or dedicated data acquisition system. It is designed to be installed, operated autonomously, and maintained by the existing rig crew, with no specialized skills required.

The Mud Watcher provides a steady stream of data, alerting mud engineers to possible problems much more quickly than conventional testing procedures. This reduces risk to personnel while providing accurate and timely measurements to enhance overall decision making, leading to higher efficiency, well quality, and productivity.


Continuous monitoring of drilling fluid density and viscosity.

Density is displayed in customer selected units. Viscosity may be displayed as centipoise, centistokes, or funnel viscosity.

Data is exported as an intrinsically safe analog signal to the rig data acquisition system, mud logging unit, or a dedicated data acquisition system.

Provides an early indication of developing hole or drilling fluid changes that may be precursors to drilling problems 

Reduces rig crew exposure to noise and fumes within the shaker house 

Accurate, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain 

No requirement for dedicated / specialist service engineers. Operated and maintained by existing rig crews. 

Releases rig crews for more productive tasks

Measurements and Output


Density Range: .9 – 2.64 sg (7.5 – 22 ppg)

Viscosity: Equivalent Funnel Viscosity Seconds

Viscosity Range: up to 20,000 cP (equivalent)

Min/max ambient temperature: -4 – 176°F (-20 to 80°C)

Electrical interface size: Standard plug, can be adapted

Air supply consumption: 20cfm / 40cuM/hr, < 7bar

IP rating: IP 65 minimum for all parts

Available signals: Temperature, Density and Viscosity, 4-20mA, Active, Powered
Max suction pressure (lifting height): Dry 4m, Wet 8m

Size: 68″ × 28″ × 28″ (173 × 72 × 72 cm)

Weight: 551 lb (250 kg)


Electrical: 85 – 264 VAC, 2 Amp, 50/60 Hz

Air: 100 psi (689.5 kPa) max at 20 cfm, 1/2”, ANSI B16.5, 150#