The OASys System utilizes 3 proprietary technologies together to monitor drilling fluid properties in real time.

OLR | OnLine Rheometer
Mud Aid™
Mud Watcher
The OnLine Rheometer (OLR) is designed to continuously measure, plot, and report the rheological properties of drilling, completion, and fluids within a system.
The OLR uses a squeezeflow technique; it measures storage and loss moduli by imposing a small cyclic deformation on a liquid sample at a variety of frequencies, from 1-100 Hz. Quality control parameters and user interface are based on η* (complex viscosity [Pa s]), as measured by the OLR. The response of the liquid is measured and displayed in terms of G’ (storage modulus [Pa]), G” (loss modulus [Pa]), δ (phase angle [Degrees]), and η*.


Fast and Reliable Real Time Results

Low Maintenance

Out of Specification Diagnosis

Plug-and-Play Installation

Precise and Robust Sensor System

Process Control

Process Monitoring

Quality Control

State of the Art Technology

Time and Cost Savings


• Frequency Range: 1 – 100 Hz

• Viscosity Measurement Range (geometry dependent): 0.25 – 200,000 Pa s

• Force Range: 0 – 44.48 N

• Operating Range:

• Temperature: 14° – 230°F (-10° – 110°C)

• Pressure: 0.7 – 145 psi (4.8 – 1,000 kPa)

• Temperature Measurement: RTD PT100 Ohm, Class A

• Size: 11.6″ × 18.1″ × 23.8″ (30 × 46 × 61 cm)

• Weight: 145 lb (65 kg)


• Electrical:

• Input: 115 – 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

• Output: 24 VDC

• Power Input Maximum: 10 W

• Fuses: 24V, 5A

• Suitable for 1″ to 8″ pipe (DN25 – DN200)

Software (SOLR) Features

Set-up of process monitoring and quality control parameters

Monitoring and control of process either through SOLR or through the factory PLC

Out-of-specification product diagnosis

Measurements & Outputs

When a drilling fluids specialist cannot be on-site full-time, an automated system can be beneficial to measure and monitor drilling fluid properties. The newly launched MUD AID™ is a remotely monitored, automated in-field diagnosis unit, designed to manage and automate drilling fluid processes.
The MUD AID™ facilitates the optimization and execution of the drilling fluid program by presenting real-time information on fluid properties. This complements the job of the drilling fluids specialist and may assist in optimizing drilling fluid performance. The unit live-samples drilling fluid and tests project-specific properties, to API standards where applicable. The unit presents this data in real-time allowing the operator to make adjustments according to the program. The MUD AID™ is integrated with the winning, secure, cloud-based web portal IMDEXHUB-IQ™, for complete visibility anywhere, anytime across the operation.


  • Increased productivity – Real-time notification of drilling fluid parameters and support from a qualified drilling fluids specialist, anywhere, anytime in the world 
  • Reduced downtime – Standard tests at regular intervals help identify issues as they occur
  • Safety – Reduced risks associated with personnel/contractors on site 
  • Instant decision making – Having access to information means decisions can be made in a timely matter and provides accountability on performance 
  • Reporting – Automatically generated daily drilling fluid reports and recaps 
  • Secure chain of custody of the data with seamless workflows.

Measurements & Outputs

Easy Setup & Customization

The MUD AID™ is portable, lightweight and easy to install and operate. Set up includes pairing the MUD AID™ to site specific conditions, setting parameters and automating alerts, and helping to intercept any potential issues. 

The drilling fluid specialist will remotely provide periodic monitoring and recommendations, so drillers can attempt to rectify variances in the system – providing drillers greater control over their drilling fluid system. 

Drilling fluid test properties are viewed through the IMDEXHUB-IQ™ as well as on the unit display, which provides instant, secure access to real-time data and historical information. Data can also be downloaded via USB.


Instant Access to Data, Anywhere, Anytime 

IMDEXHUB-IQ™ collects, stores and provides critical operational data, protected through a validated chain of custody and secure database. This award winning, secure, cloud based web portal can be accessed from any internet connection. 

IMDEXHUB-IQ™ provides efficient data work flow and real-time secure access to information, such as data from REFLEX tools, shift reports, pre-starts and more, for geologists, drill supervisors and other key decision makers.


  • 24/7 tracking of drilling fluid parameters (Ability to be programmed to testfrom every 30 mins to every 12 hrs)
  • Programmed monitoring of individual drilling fluid programs, to intercept potential issues before they become major
  • Trend tables for collected data
  • Email alerts when parameters are breached
  • Integration with IMDEXHUB-IQ™, providing access to real-time data and historical information for decision makers
  • Up to 60 days storage capacity of drilling fluids tests (With full history available via IMDEXHUB-IQ™)
  • Access data and reports on site via any VNC application (from PC, cellphone, or tablet), or output stored data via USB
  • Portable, lightweight design – Two pelican cases 45kg and 30kg
  • Easy 30 min installation time and easy operation
  • Can be integrated with PASON / WITS0 systems
  • Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, LTE with satellite fail-over connectivity
  • Can be powered via multiple power options (220VAC, 110VAC, 24VDC rigpower, 24VDC solar/battery)

Testing Capabilities

  • Rheology: 0 – 600 rpm, Plastic Viscosity, Yield Point, Gels, Apparent Viscosity
  • Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Ions: pH, Chlorides, Potassium, Calcium, others available
  • Density / Mud Weight
Drilling fluid measurement is essential for safe and efficient rig operation. Manually collecting and testing mud samples is slow and time consuming for rig personnel.
The Mud Watcher automatically measures the temperature, density, and viscosity of drilling fluid on the rig and sends the data directly to the rig data acquisition system, mud logging unit, or dedicated data acquisition system. It is designed to be installed, operated autonomously, and maintained by the existing rig crew, with no specialized skills required. The Mud Watcher provides a steady stream of data, alerting mud engineers to possible problems much more quickly than conventional testing procedures. This reduces risk to personnel while providing accurate and timely measurements to enhance overall decision making, leading to higher efficiency, well quality, and productivity.


Continuous monitoring of drilling fluid density and viscosity.

Density is displayed in customer selected units. Viscosity may be displayed as centipoise, centistokes, or funnel viscosity.

Data is exported as an intrinsically safe analog signal to the rig data acquisition system, mud logging unit, or a dedicated data acquisition system.

Provides an early indication of developing hole or drilling fluid changes that may be precursors to drilling problems 

Reduces rig crew exposure to noise and fumes within the shaker house 

Accurate, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain 

No requirement for dedicated / specialist service engineers. Operated and maintained by existing rig crews. 

Releases rig crews for more productive tasks

Measurements and Outputs


Density Range: .9 – 2.64 sg (7.5 – 22 ppg)

Viscosity: Equivalent Funnel Viscosity Seconds

Viscosity Range: up to 20,000 cP (equivalent)

Min/max ambient temperature: -4 – 176°F (-20 to 80°C)

Electrical interface size: Standard plug, can be adapted

Air supply consumption: 20cfm / 40cuM/hr, < 7bar

IP rating: IP 65 minimum for all parts

Available signals: Temperature, Density and Viscosity, 4-20mA, Active, Powered
Max suction pressure (lifting height): Dry 4m, Wet 8m

Size: 68″ × 28″ × 28″ (173 × 72 × 72 cm)

Weight: 551 lb (250 kg)


Electrical: 85 – 264 VAC, 2 Amp, 50/60 Hz

Air: 100 psi (689.5 kPa) max at 20 cfm, 1/2”, ANSI B16.5, 150#